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In just two weeks of the plan that Dr. Heather put me on, I began normal digestive function that I've not had in many years! I have more energy and I am surprised at how easy it was to get results! 

What are the hidden messages behind your symptoms?

Your body is a master communicator, and every ache or ailment carries a unique purpose. 


Are you ready for guidance in decoding answers and finding the pathway toward health? 

PH I L O S O P H Y  O F  P R A C T I C E:

  • The healing power of nature — trust in the body's inherent wisdom to heal.

  • Identify and treat the causes — look beyond the symptoms.

  • First, do no harm — utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies for true and lasting change.

  • Doctor as teacher — you are supported through education in the steps to achieving and maintaining health.


Get Acquainted:

What do you need in order to have success?  Who is on your wellness team?


Do you have some questions before you decide? Schedule a complementary discovery call: 

Located in Sandpoint, Idaho and serving anyone virtually. 

I am here to listen. 

I have also created a video so you can get to know me better and take the next steps.  

These things are FREE!

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The burden of toxic emotions contributes profoundly to the physical body. NeuroLinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Body Talk are revolutionary transformative psycho-emotional tools to add to your wellness plan. 

The review of body signs revealed by the nails and tongue provide a wealth of information in making personalized solutions for you.


Don't like needles? Like acupuncture, electrostimulation applied to acu-points along the meridians add the benefit of sound and vibrational therapy yet still stimulate the acupuncture points to move energy without the prick of a needle. Aricular therapy or ear seeds are also an option. 

Holistic investigation and solutions are provided from the latest cutting edge technologies with interwoven wisdom within ancient medical systems. 

We are committed to staying abreast the science, yet maintaining the tried and true. 


Naturopathic Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis): 




Chinese Medicine


Weight and Toxicity - (Physical & Emotional) 

Nutrition, Herbology, Enzyme Therapy, Red light, Cold Lazer, Infrared, Biofeedback/Microcurrent Therapy, Neurofeedback, Craniosacral and Auriculotherapy and more. 

Valuable insights are gained from a look into the internal terrain, the health of the Red Blood Cells and longevity of viability paints a picture that correlates with your symptomology. This assessment is used to monitor your health staus. 


Functional Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Remodeling 

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