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Common Questions Regarding Live Blood Analysis

Updated: Jan 23

Q: What are we looking at and what does it mean?

🔍 The Telltale Clues: Look closely at the image below, where minuscule specks dance amid the blood cells. This dance signals "leaky gut," a subtle but critical indicator. Observe the radiant, imposing structure—Thallus—a harbinger of fungal issues and the advanced Pleomorphic Cycle, a topic we'll explore further in the context of our internal terrain.

Notice the pristine black background of the picture on the right - and the white blood cell's smiley face!

🩸 Lost in Aggregation

Note the cells, once harmoniously dispersed, now huddled together. This loss of Zeta Potential (ZP), their electromagnetic charge, marks the initial step toward an unhealthy terrain—a vital foundation for our vitality. Factors like dehydration, mineral deficiencies, excess EMF exposure, or a lack of ion connection trigger this shift, paving the way for acidic terrain and faster red blood cell degradation.

Behind the Scenes

Observe the subtle formation of fibrin—a clotting factor—one of four factors under scrutiny. When these factors go awry, an acidic terrain becomes a fertile ground for opportunistic pathogens, leading to their unchecked proliferation.

The Terrain Saga

Enter the realm of the internal milieu, the biologic environment—akin to the delicate balance of a forest ecosystem. Here, we scrutinize a Protoplast - a bacterial or fungal incubator of unwelcome formations, signifying the terrain's vulnerability. Correcting this terrain is crucial for maintaining our immune system's vigilance.

Fungal Encounters

We encounter Thallus 🍄 a fungal presence, often indicative of chronically acidic terrain. Symptoms might not always manifest, So, it is helpful to have a look and see if this is part of what we find. We then know how aggressive to approach things and for how long, knowing that it is not acute.

Diving Deeper into Terrain Theory

Microorganisms, benign under favorable conditions, evolve into opportunistic pathogens in specific terrains. Smaller forms suggest acute or regulatory situations, while the advanced stages of the Pleomorphic life cycle divulge terrain health. Pleomorphism—microbes changing shape in response to environmental factors—unveils the terrain's role in health.

Intriguing Numbers: There exist 1,400 known pathogenic species residing within us, in various states of dormancy. Take herpes or chickenpox as examples—they're managed, not eradicated. Hence, nurturing and safeguarding the terrain is paramount; microbes play a crucial role in stimulating our immune systems.

🔍 Exploring the Internal Milieu: Our journey through the internal terrain unfolds, unveiling the mysteries of our biology. Stay tuned for the next chapter answering:

-How's My Immune System?

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  • Is it that we are not getting enough nutrients through our diet? Could it be reduced digestive capacity? Are there signs of pathogens? What is the cause and then the deeper cause?

  • Essential fatty acid deficiency can result from factors such as liver and gallbladder health, critical for converting fat-soluble vitamins, particularly vitamins A and E, from dietary fats into essential nutrients.

  • Leaky gut mounts an immune response. Some might experience…

  • If leaky gut is not the issue, yet there is chronically active immune cells, and over-active immune response, or other factors placing high demand on the immune system such as immature neutrophils, we must ask why and…

  • ….isn’t it of upmost importance to correct and maintain the terrain? We can’t avoid or evade microbes – they are a necessary; they play a vital role, serving as a beneficial stimulus for our immune systems, ensuring immune cell's functionality.


  • This method is well-suited for investigating causes and monitoring results. It eliminates the need for guesswork or excessive spending on laboratory tests.

  • The benefit of Live Blood Analysis is the ability to catch the earlier states of the disease process before symptoms appear. 

  •  This is commonplace in Functional Medicine where protocols are being applied to cases based on studies, which sounds solid. However, applying Naturopathic Microscopy/Live and Dry Blood Analysis is a much more personalized approach.

  • Just think how well your body would maintain health if it wasn’t working so hard to produce new cells because of all the damaged, unviable ones.

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