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Enzyme Therapy: The Missing Link to Optimal Health and Nutrition

Updated: Jan 14

Enzyme therapy is one of the most effective clinical tools offered at Heather Holistics. Enzymes activate cellular processes and are known to catalyze thousands of biochemical reactions within the human body. While some people turn to isolated chemicals like Vitamin D3 or Vitamin C to address deficiencies, the truth is that we are not deficient in these isolated chemicals. Rather, we are deficient in real food and the ability to assimilate the nutrients. Digestive enzymes are a must-have in my opinion unless you eat only from your garden and consume produce within an hour of harvest, thus having a perfect diet with your food containing all the necessary live enzymes intact to digest itself within you. Otherwise, the body must manufacture the enzymes to break down your food. This burden placed on the body eventually leads to an enzyme deficiency, then a mineral and other nutrient deficiency that is required to produce the enzymes within your body in the first place.

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