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Enzyme Therapy: The Missing Link to Optimal Health and Nutrition

Enzyme therapy is one of the most effective clinical tools offered at Heather Holistics. Enzymes activate cellular processes and are known to catalyze thousands of biochemical reactions within the human body. While some people turn to isolated chemicals like Vitamin D3 or Vitamin C to address deficiencies, the truth is that we are not deficient in these isolated chemicals. Rather, we are deficient in real food and the ability to assimilate the nutrients. Digestive enzymes are a must-have in my opinion unless you eat only from your garden and consume produce within an hour of harvest, thus having a perfect diet with your food containing all the necessary live enzymes intact to digest itself within you. Otherwise, the body must manufacture the enzymes to break down your food. This burden placed on the body eventually leads to an enzyme deficiency, then a mineral and other nutrient deficiency that is required to produce the enzymes within your body in the first place.

At Heather Holistics, we offer simple and effective ways to assess deficiencies through the use of a symptoms survey along with in-house tests. This means your body gets what it needs, and you save money in the long run with sustained health without expensive laboratory testing only in the search for answers without addressing the issue.

Part of the symptoms survey is a digestive questionnaire, which tells us what you are not digesting well so that we can provide a digestive enzyme formula specifically for your needs. Another reason the use of symptom questionnaires is important in the evaluation of one's health is that we can see what relates to toxicity versus other signs of health problems. Nutritional deficiencies are often among the highest priorities.

While it is easy to get caught up in "what to get rid of" or "kill," it is important to focus on finding the cause and ultimate need. Nutritional restoration is often the key to optimal bodily functions, which can lead to killing pathogens and eliminating toxins.

Minerals and nutrients like "Vitamin B" are a requirement for many metabolic functions, such as the production of enzymes (digestive and metabolic enzymes) that sustain life. Unfortunately, Vitamin B deficiency is common due to a few common factors like sugar and caffeine consumption, grains that are not soaked or sprouted, and commercially prepared foods like restaurant food, anything packed, canned, and frozen.

Instead of turning to isolated chemicals like synthetic B vitamins, I encourage you to let me help you with your individualized custom diet and nutrition plan and obtaining metabolic balance. I can help you address deficiencies and achieve sustained health through customized Naturopathic care. In the meantime, you can go wrong with whole food nutrition from Standard Process, you can only do better with an evaluation of priorities. Feel free to shop SP and Microbiome Labs:

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