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Holistic Health Analysis: Wellness through a Deeper look at the Blood and Preventive Care

Taking a closer look at your blood, where countless cells move in a symphony of life. The examination within millions blood cells includes findings of crystals, plaques, clumping of red blood cells, and pathogenic activity. The microbiome of blood… you probably haven’t heard it put this way before!

Would you like to see the inside terrain and what story it paints of your health? My goal isn't to diagnose, but to identify conditional states of imbalance that are causing issues. I enjoy solving mystery symptoms.

Terrian theory came about in the 1800’s from several scientists (that didn’t have any correspondence with one another, yet all concluded the same thing when observing patient’s blood in relation to sickness and health). When a person's internal environment is in turmoil, microbes evolve. This concept called pleomorphism reveals that our bodies host both helpful and harmful microbial forms.

These harmful phases of microbes are incredibly resilient. They survive heat, cold, chemicals, you name it. They can change forms based on their surroundings. This leads to the principle of terrain theory – improving our internal environment can reduce harmful forms and boost our well-being.

This method of evaluation is a hidden gem known to few. It's different from mainstream medicine's focus on tests and specialized knowledge. While those have their merits, this approach provides immediate insights into underlying causes and steps for a healthier life.

We often hear stories of people with a clean bill of health sensing something's wrong. Our bodies silently face problems for years before symptoms appear. Symptoms are grouped, but our bodies hide abnormalities until balance breaks.

So, why does mainstream medicine miss these early stages? They don't fit established categories, and they're overlooked until a diagnosis fits. Unfortunately, treatment comes late when health has already declined. Insurance also follows this pattern. Why isn't preventive care like Live Blood Analysis covered by insurance? Insurance sticks to FDA-approved methods and overlooks practices outside mainstream medicine. Such techniques are left to individual researchers and specialized institutions.

As we advance in medicine, let's appreciate the tried and true, what scientists did prior to laboratory testing. Also, let’s explore the unseen and the subtle shifts before they become storms

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