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Iron's Secret ~ The Dance of Balance and Absorbtion May Not Be What you Were Told!

Iron overload, affecting 30% worldwide, often goes unnoticed. Iron, oxygen, and copper interactions are vital. Anemia's not solely iron-related; read this carefully. I am direct and to the point here without a lot of the why: excess iron and zinc impact copper. This links to fatigue, brain fog, and more.

Mainstream medicine overlooks mineral dynamics, impacting iron during infections. Interleukin-6 triggers iron storage, linked to health issues like heart disease. Iron holds a duality - needed but toxic. Iron's oxidative nature damages tissues. Testing only ferritin isn't enough. Assessing hepcidin and hemoglobin accurately reveals iron status.

Chlorophyll is a copper source, aiding anemia. Traditional Chinese Medicine supports liver and spleen for blood disorders.

Personalized approaches, monitoring iron-copper balance, matter. Sadly, mainstream medicine lacks this crucial understanding. To read more, continue on to my articles>

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