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The Value (or not) of Supplements

Updated: Feb 12

I would like to take some time to address the concept of supplementation. In one book that I align with by Lorrie Medford called Why Do I Need Whole Food Supplements sites several studies where synthetic so-called nutrients such as vitamin B, C, and D do not provide the results that otherwise whole foods provided in side-by-side studies. Furthermore, minerals, in what I like to refer to as “rock form”, also do not prove to be as helpful in comparison to naturally derived forms of the nutrients. In fact, it is shown in some of the studies that the synthetic form of, whether it be a vitamin or a mineral, can actually be harmful and as much so as increasing the risk of cancer or causing sterility. This is known in the case of iron causing cancer but it is also shown in the University of Alabama study showing the damage to DNA when synthetic chromium was implemented for the curbing cravings for sweets. Lorrie Medford‘s cited this study (page 79) with chromium in the naturally extracted form derived from yeast would be not only be more safe but also provide the synergistic nutrients of the yeast. I use this example because many of the whole food supplements I recommend have a yeast base. Therapeutically, yeast wards off pathogenic fungus and other invaders and this immune supporting aspect is the additional benefit of whole food supplementation.

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