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Why Consider Enrolling in A Program? 

Are you desperate for help; the kind of guidance, expertise and compassion that your previous experiences have failed to provide you? 


How many of the statements below reflect you? 

•I need support in navigating an overwhelming health challenge. 

•I am most interested in healthfully, holistically recovering and know that a long-term professional relationship is required for such a case so complex.

•I am open to exploring a multi-faceted approach, including the finding of meaning in my circumstance. 

•I’m ready to feel better (like, yesterday (or last year)!)

Why other programs fail to facilitate success AND, HOW MY PROGRAM IS DIFFERENT:

Box programs are revenue-generating and easy for the practitioner. As "custom" as they tout, you know better. I am truly sorry if you have been roped into one or more of these. I see this all the time. It can be devastating. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for me to tell you about what I have to offer you without a conversation. For this reason, I offer a complementary time with me. You may ask me about how I might go about addressing your concerns and what tools and methods I have that would apply to you. 

Schedule A Time

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