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In just seven months of a Chinese medicine protocol, my CT scan showed a halt in my pulmonary fibrosis, a typically very progressive condition. Also, my blood work showed a reversal of autoimmune lab values!

Earl, Couer 'D Alane ID

I am so grateful for the directive provided by Brooke. She guided me though how to navigate medical advice and utilize what tests they had to offer then treat my idiopathic condition naturally. I periodically check in with Brooke to keep on track.

Jammielyn, Montana

I had chronic kidney disease that reversed with the protocol I was put on! I was close to needing dialysis and when I went back to my nephrologist he couldn’t believe the test results were mine! My family and I are forever grateful to Brooke for her knowledge and assistance.

                                                                                                                                     Jim, Idaho

I contacted Brooke for high blood pressure. Brooke educated my on properly combining foods during meals to reduce body burden so that my immune system wouldn’t react to foods as much. That was the key to reducing my blood pressure, along with cardiovascular supplementation (my heart graph showed that my adrenals needed support, I was deficient in B vitamins and minerals).

I noticed immediate results following the recommended supplements and doing biofeedback therapy weekly. I reduced the herbal supplement that I had been taking for years (before coming to Brooke) from 6 per day to just one pill every other day. That is how effective her naturopathic assessment and protocol of my custom care has been for me. Once I added the cell science technology to my program, the skin on my feet repaired themselves to the point of youth. This was an impressive sign that my body was well nourished. The skin is the slowest to respond (especially the feet) so I believe the recommendation Brooke gave was just what I needed to activate my body's healing response.

John, Sandpoint ID

I sought out Naturopathic care and found Brooke to be most helpful. I had such quick recovery from a sudden attack of what felt like a heat stroke. My colleagues at work noticed such a difference in my appearance, that many of them commented.

Tammi, Sandpoint ID

Plagued with warts, in just one treatment they went away with out return.

Alyasia, Sandpoint ID

FANTASTIC RESULTS WITH DIEABETES! Taking Brooke’s recommendations improved the status of my overall health so much my doctor was astounded with my A1c level as well as all my blood work. I was able to get off all meds within a couple months from the time I started at Heather Holistics.

Heidi N

I was surprised to find out so much about my health in just meeting once with Brooke. She is a gem and I highly recommend her services.

Harry, MT

My health has been dialed in and I am seeing such good results in both the way I feel and medically with improvements in my Afib. I am in my 90’s and seeing improvement!


Brooke’s wisdom and guidance has been a lifesaver. The lifestyle recommendations Brooke gave were spot on. I had only a glimpse as to what was going on with me and Brooke made it all make sense.

Josh, Sandpoint

I was such as mess when I started with Brook. Honestly, I didn’t see much hope but she came highly recommended. I continue to work though many layers of issues. It is well worth the better quality of living. I do not experience the level of pain I had and my chronic skin condition completely vanished.


"I appreciate the time and consideration of the whole-body approach to healing. I enjoy the deep-dive into the cause and solutions to address my concerns. Lab tests were not the answer but Heather Holistic put the information to use"

Mary, Washington

“The effectiveness is astounding! I am so relieved to have such improvement in a condition medically considered not curable - Pulmonary Fibrosis."

AM, Montana

"Brooke’s knowledge and expertise is just what I needed after years of going through several different medical procedures and practitioners. The care and direction I received was what turned around all my ails."

Kelly, ID​

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