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Dynamic Heath Restoration


I have compiled a reference for you. Meal ideas with proper food combining, self-assessments, stress reduction methods and more...

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Everything you need for body and home to deep clean. 


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Synthetic so-called nutrients such as vitamin B, C, and D do not provide the results that otherwise whole foods provided in side-by-side studies...

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What to Know for Your Age

Considerations of age-related bullet points you'll be guided through in sessions. 


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Watch various topics of need-to-know information regarding your health. 

Age-Specific Information 

The evaluation methods, therapies or tests build upon the other. So, if you are coming at a later time, without having the assessments, we may consider implementing them.

What is going to make the most difference, at this time?

Childhood •Homeopathic Constitution •Nutrition (HSR, HTMA), EFA’s, calcium for immune support (or in case of fevers/teething) •Education: Hygiene, chores and cooking for building confidence in life skills •Fitness Tests: Brain Gym Assessment •Mental Wellness: Bullying, safe touch (book: My Body) •Emotional Development: Love & Logic, Circle of Security and Brooke’s version of the Positive Parenting Plan (parents) •Attachment and neurodevelopment (explore milestones in 3 month intervals up to 18 months)

Adolescent (pre-pubescent) •Endocrine support, assess heavy metals and blood pressure (see chart) •Vedic constitutional typing - learning to make adjustments seasonally •Nutrition: Autonomic NS support: Ca, K, phos balance. Check for Anemia’s •Education: Hygiene, chores and cooking for building confidence in life skills •Fitness Tests: Brain Gym Assessment (for challenges learning or stress), screen time – movement time balance, customize based on physical appearance and family history/genetics •Mental Wellness: Stress Assess score, self-care considerations •Emotional Fitness: inner dialog reflections

Onset of Puberty -20’s •Foods and moods (endocrine needs during certain cycles) •Establish stress reduction methods and emphasize routine for NS health and Vagal Tone •Nutrition: Invest in calcium reserves before children and before elderly years. Check for Anemia’s •Education: Body Talk (nail and skin changes, Bristol stool chart), convince foods alternatives, pro-inflammatory foods (effects of) •Fitness Tests: 2 min. plank, >20 push-up’s, >3 pull-up’s (refer to chart for age and gender-specific), 12-minutes run test •Mental Wellness: Stress Assess score, self-care considerations. •Emotional Fitness: inner dialog reflections oResources: The Four Agreements (book), The Work (online), Emotion Code (book and therapy) Considerations: •Pre-conception evaluation (genetic testing)

20’s-30’s •Organic Acids Test •Thermography (alternative to mammograms) •Nutrition: oB vitamins from whole foods to support the nervous system to cope with life’s demands as well as trace elements oCheck for Anemia’s and Hemochromatosis •Education: oSelf-assess lymph and breasts oSelf-care and stress management, tools such as calendar integrity oExercise in alignment with metabolism with emphasis on flexibility •Fitness Tests: 1 minute plank, see handout, push-up’s >17 for females, >35 for men •Mental Wellness: finding your own ways to process events that are effective for you, awareness of tenancies or go-to habits that do not align with values, identify values (apart from upbringing or influences around you), consider a term life insurance plan •Emotional Fitness: Balance in social life (boundaries), explore unconscious beliefs and alchemize them to an upgraded way of operating. Favored therapy for this age group: Auriculotherapy and emotional releaser (The Break Method, EFT, NLP, Emotion Code, etc)

40’s-50’s •Bone density test •Dermatology (document skin and moles) •Cardiology (Life Line: angiogram – carotid calcification) •Endocrinology •Education: Create balance to prevent imbalances that present in stage of Vata years (60’s) •Nutrition: Blood and Urine Testing, toxicity questionnaire + testing. Protein utilization, electrolytes with adequate water consumption •Fitness Tests: push-up’s >8 for females, >20 for males. Yoga/stretching is imperative to mobility and balance •Mental Wellness: Rate level of satisfaction (life evaluation sheet), financial planning, neuroplasticity exercises (family games night) •Emotional Fitness: prepare for your parents and siblings to transition to their elder years, consider your will Favored therapy for this age group: Facial Reflexology

60’s & Up •Shingles prevention – Homeoprophalxis •Cognitive Screening/prevention •Transitions support (empty nesters) •Maintain autonomy with balance exercises/brain-body connection •Nutrition with focus on cognitive (Nootropics), digestive and cardiovascular systems •Education and support: hydration, GI motility •Fitness Tests: Push-up’s >3 for females, >10 for males •Mental Wellness: Ageing gracefully (paring down), neuroplasticity exercises and sociality •Emotional Fitness: contribution Favored therapy: Yoga

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