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Start Smart

The ideal way to begin the development of your healthcare plan may be to gather objective information first, then meet to review recommended action steps. To find out if this is for you, book a complementary 15 minutes to discuss what this plan is and if it is a good fit for you right now. 

Gathering biochemical and physiological data along with symptomology can be done before you begin the consultation process. See the advantage to this in the Compare Plans section. If you are ready for answers NOW and what to get started, let's connect and find out where to start. The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and a 24-hour urine collection are a great place to begin. Between the two labs, we will find out what you are not digesting and what state your metabolism is in, and much more. Dietary and supplementation recommendations are based on these specialty labs.. Everything will be reviewed before your first appointment and a concise treatment plan will be detailed. Rather that a 3-step (or more) process, we can do the labs upfront. 

Compare Plans​

Compare service packages and find the best fit for you.

Smart Start


Save >$120)

One and done package with as needed follow ups or join the membership 

2 hours

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

24-Hour Urine Anlaysis

Report of Findings

Plan to schedule follow ups: 

Review of Findings and Plan Development

Ultimate Start Package


Save >$120 compared to pay as you go

Best Step-by Step Support Plan

6 hour time commitment 

2 tests

1 therapy 

4 total visits, Report of Findings

Wellness Reboot



Save 20%

Great for no-locals.  This is for individuals with an appreciation for digital reminders/material​ and on-going support. 

8 sessions

2-3 labs/tests (cost not included) 

Bioenergetic scan and balancing therapy

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