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Today's science and labs provide valuable insights into ones state of health. Ancient medical wisdom offers the depth of knowledge and avenues of healing. Paired together, the two sets of methodologies merge into one holistic healthcare system.  


Standard Intake

Holistic Intake Form - Functional Medicine

Includes a Report of Findings (recommendations

1.5 hour session

Your choice of either biofeedback scan or and a separate session/phone consult included 

Urine analysis for in-office visits

In-office visit or distance friendly

Apply for Custom Care

Long Distance Program or Family Plans

Schedule an appointment to discuss what we can offer you based on your needs. 

1 hour sessions

Chinese evaluations

Symptoms Surveys

In-office or distance friendly 

 Mini Assessments 

Heart Graph, Biofeedback, Reflexology, etc.

Get started for just $90

We offer a variety of stand alone therapies for your choosing 

45-minute session

Candidly answer the one page of questions and get a free self-paced program called Welcome to Wellness upon completion

What to Expect

After you complete the Readiness Questionnaire, I will reach out so we can have a conversation. We'll review your needs and desires and get a feel for if it's a good fit for us to work together at this time. 

  • Your healthcare journey is unique to you.

  • We tailor your plan based on your individual story, including factors like metabolism and biochemistry.

  • Clarity typically emerges in the second phase, often after a few sessions.

  • We aim to schedule your follow-up within a week to discuss evaluation results and next steps.

  • Effective communication is vital, especially if you feel uncertain or frustrated initially.

  • We provide support throughout the process.

  • Our approach involves thorough evaluation and consideration of various vantage points (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Functional Medicine, etc. and what will serve you best at this time).

  • Above all, we prioritize listening to your body.

  • Your active participation in tuning into your body's needs is crucial for your healing journey.

  • In time, you will learn to know what your body is communicating.

~Dr. Heather


Have you seen the chart lining out the visits? Click HERE

Getting Started

Either book online and complete the digital Intake Form or download and complete forms(s) below. 

Call if you have any questions. 

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