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Metabolic Analysis is a specialized in-house testing option for an in-depth understanding and system of monitoring your health.  

Metabolism can be assessed in a few different ways. Schedule a free call to find out which method would be best for you. We have options available for those that cannot come into the clinic and wish to work with us virtually. 


The Heart Sound Recorder is a wellness cardiac stress monitor. It uses auscultation to acquire, display, record and save a graph of heart sounds. 

The evaluation of heart sounds is one of the oldest forms of identifying nutritional deficiencies. 

This evaluation provides a great visual progress report. 

What is a Heart Sound Recorder and what will it tell me?

A sensitive microphone is placed around the chest to isolate the sounds in each valve of the heart. This tells us the function and integrity of the valves in relation to your nutritional needs. This is an evaluation of key components you are deficient in. The Heart Sound Recorder is also used to assess your metabolism. 

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