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Metabolic Analysis is a specialized in-house testing option for an in-depth understanding and system of monitoring your health.  

Metabolism can be assessed in a few different ways. Schedule a free call to find out which method would be best for you. We have options available for those that cannot come into the clinic and wish to work with us virtually. 



Live Blood Analysis and Functional Tests


What is a Heart Sound Recorder and What Will it Tell Me?

A sensitive microphone is placed around the chest to isolate the sounds in each valve of the heart. This tells us the function and integrity of the valves in relation to your nutritional needs. This is an evaluation of key components you are deficient in. This is a tried and true method that has been used since 1930. 

The Heart Sound Recorder is a wellness cardiac stress monitor. It uses auscultation to acquire, display, record and save a graph of heart sounds. 


The evaluation of heart sounds is one of the oldest forms of identifying nutritional deficiencies. 

This evaluation provides a great visual progress report. 

The Dark Feild Microscopy Method is used to view a drop of blood. Dry blood is also analyzed. Seventy different items are given a score. 

This assessment is a window into the terrain - the internal environment that sustains life. If healthy, the body remains free from illness, if the terrain is too acidic, pathogens are supported and can take hold.  

Dark field microscopy has been used for over a century. It is widely employed in various scientific fields, including biology, medicine, and materials science, to enhance the visibility of transparent or low-contrast specimens. The technique has evolved over time with advancements in microscope technology, but its fundamental principles and applications have remained valuable throughout its long history.

Metabolic Analysis

In-house testing

bio-individual regulatory medicine

Save Time & Money! Metabolic Analysis and Nutritional Therapy is a way for you to gain valuable knowledge about your constitution (individual makeup) in order to make simple and appropriate changes in food and supplements. Put your health in your hands (rather than in the pocket books of pharmaceutical companies)

Do You Have:

Digestive Disturbances

Sleeping Problems

Blood Sugar Imbalances



Skin Conditions

Are You:

Anxious or depressed



Diagnosed with any auto-immune disorder

Bothered by recurrent infections or “flair-ups”

Or just wish to monitor and maintain health...

The Benefits

Metabolic testing determines what foods are beneficial and those that are not for your specific metabolism! After completing an intake form and questionnaire in combination with urine and saliva analysis's, several reflex tests, and a series of pulses and a set of blood pressure readings in a specific order referred to as an orthostatic challenge, your doctor obtains vital information about your metabolism and then recommens specific supplements to assist the correction of the metabolic imbalances. A report is provided with descriptions of each metabolic imbalance and diagrams to better explain the effects of imbalances.


With the results, you will receive:

• A report describing the results of the questionnaire and testing procedure, descriptions of your metabolic imbalances, dominate nervous system side, oxidation status, glandular and organ function etc.

• A personalized eating plan, eating right guidelines, and supplement recommendations

• How to determine your ideal protein and fat ratio to carbohydrate intake

• An evaluation (read and understand Informed Consent) of 49 different chemical and clinical tests including zinc and iodine deficiencies. Calcium to phosphorus balance, and saliva and urinary pH.


With the information you will be provided with, you can alter your diet and supplementation to:

• Prevent imbalances that generate disease by gaining autonomic nervous system balance

• Slow the aging process by reversal of oxidative stress by learning how to avoid foods and high levels of nutrients that create free-radical damage within your system

• Maintain glycemic control (Hypoglycemia/Diabetes)

• Obtain optimal PH

• Maintain chemical and mineral levels


Ask how to use this tool to monitor health conditions! Correct imbalances before they progress into severe stages! Food is medicine; the pharmacy Mother Nature provides us with is therapeutic! Learning how and when (for certain conditions) to combine and prepare foods for your chemistry ensures proper regeneration by the proper maintenance of the metabolism!

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