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Empowering Your Health ~ Reach to Naturopathy for More Than You Might Have Thought!

In a world that often leans heavily on conventional medicine, especially for acute care and infections, exploring the realms of naturopathy can be a game-changer. Let’s shed light some light on various health conditions where naturopathy can play a pivotal role.

Examples include pneumonia where antibiotic treatment was unsuccessful, or the chronic re-occurring strep throat issues easily resolved, both cases, with little effort and cost. Another one of my examples is a chronic fingernail fungal infection which a herbal solution applied topically was all it took. Previously prescribed antifungals left this woman with negative side effects and not much improvement. Additionally, natural remedies like tea tree oil, procured on her own before consulting me, helped but didn’t clear the fungal infection completely. It is much more cost effective to reach out on the onset of these issues for solutions I have experience with and know how to guide you and what to expect.

A handful of more examples leads me to encourage you to dive into the world of naturopathy to address digestive issues. Learn how natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments can foster a healthy gut, promoting long-term wellness. Immune health is about the whole glandular and organ systems working together and the health of the immune system is based on the gut bacteria. Natural methods restore immunity and modulate your immune system, whether it is too active or under. I have success with autoimmune conditions being put into remission as well as chronic Lyme. My methods include correcting the internal terrain. I have ways to test this and monitor this environment which your cells exist in.

Balancing Hormones naturopathically extends beyond symptom management. Ask about natural methods for supporting hormones and moods, addressing issues like PMS, menopause, and hormonal imbalances early on to prevent more severe conditions such as PCOS.

Addressing chronic conditions and pain management can make a significant impact. One way to test the impact inflammation has on your body is via Dry Blood Analysis (DBA). Kits can be sent out and back to me for review under the microscope. Learn about the way the blood dries and how it paints a picture about your health HERE.

Check out the list I completed on the acute and chronic health issues to think of Naturopathic Medicine for HERE

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