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An ongoing series of informational entries

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Continued Paradigm Shifting  02/16/23

Many of you seeking natural means to your health are already on board with the concepts of nature verses force and terrain vs germ theory. Yet, I still see a lot of people following common protocols that include supplementation of Vitamin D, zinc, etc.


Who has a way to know what it takes for YOUR INDIVIDUAL body to neutralize & minimize Inflammation & ROS?


Generalized protocols will NOT achieve this AND are more likely to HARM you than help you.


Not every Functional Medicine Doc or ND knows the following and how to guide their patients to health in these important ways:

•The pervasive & dynamic relationship between Iron <> Oxygen <> Copper in human physiology

•Understands the central role of Bioavailable Copper to REGULATE Iron & Oxygen inside our bodies & our metabolic pathways

•Understands how lack of Bioavailable Copper causes increased Iron accumulation, ROS & Inflammation in our tissues and organs

•Understands how the alternative sugar pathway, Aldose Reductase Pathway (aka Polyol Pathway), FUELS Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation via the production of unchecked Uric Acid

•Understands how excess sugars (& fructose) ACTIVATE the Polyol Pathway & how Bioavailable Copper STOPS the Polyol Pathway.

      To be continued... Read on...

READY TO HEAL? 01/01/23

What is your health worth to you? Where are you without it? What is suggested to get on top of your health: 

Take the Virtual Tutorial Series HERE to jump start your health!

Integrative Medicine 10/22/22

The map in which guides the process of your healthcare can be fascinating with functional tests. Preventatively, for children and adults alike, functional tests show the imbalances before symptoms manifest. 

Talk to us about our new package that saves you money.

Don't let the cost cause you to come to a halt and prevent from making baby steps. Here is a way to start very affordably. 

The force that sculpts your body and mind is the art of habit. Like goals, the thought of them cause cringing in many of us. Yet it is the very decisions made today that shape tomorrow. Resistance of the facts is evidence of a poor relationship with self. If the thought of change, setting goals, accountability to what you say you want and the idea of evaluating habits causes you to tense up, you can bet money on negative experiences or conditioning being at the root of the issue.

As Aristotle proclaimed, “We are what we repeatedly do" continue reading

Neurotoxic MSG and Obesity 8/6/22

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is hidden in the foods you love. It also contributes to weight gain, inflammation, and possess a danger to the health of your brain. MSG causes damage to the cells in your brain by over-exciting them causing cell death. If you or someone you know suffers from any of the following, please pass along this blog: 

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, strokes, autism, migraines, diabetes, atherosclerosis, sudden death from heart disease, eye diseases, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, growth of tumors, spread of cancer, Huntington's disease.

For a list of the alias names for MSG, open the link by clicking the image to open the functional medicine article. Here is another great resource in an article more specific to weight gain caused by MSG. 

Please consider expanding your health knowledge by purchasing my book that also has additional information on this topic. 

A Physicians Knowledge of Energy 5/24/22

Patients come in with complaints of fatigue or low energy, and medical doctors run tests to confirm anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism or the like… or don’t, and just prescribe meds on the basis of depression or stress. In any case, the one week of biochemistry in med school is spent on the Krebs cycle. This is the molecular processes in which cells produce and utilize energy from food. While depression and stress can certainly be an accurate assessment, the western allopathic medical model does not account for deeper underlying causes of stress/depression, nor is there a system for a corrective means of healing. This leads me to encourage one simple test which can reveal just about everything you need to know about your overall health, and what to do about it!


I bet you didn’t know that testing your hair could reveal the status of inflammation and degeneration (oxidation) within your body. Continue reading... 

Blog Entry 4/13/22

How effective are you at your job and in relationships? How well can you manage relationships without good health… perhaps even unknown, or subclinical.

The gut microbiome can determine your mood, outlook on life and other attributes to your mental health you may not have correlated with the health and balance of the gut flora.

Another factor that influences us is energy. Vibrational medicine is based on this. Specific frequencies have found to be beneficial and in fact, we respond 100 times more to frequencies over chemicals. Read more about Vibrational Medicine HERE.

Blog Entry 2/11/22

Often, the body has an order of priority in which it does best to honor and so it is best to have an evaluation before attempting any kind of detox protocol. However, I’d like to tell you about the safest way to perform an annual detox: Click here to continue

Blog Entry 2/9/22

Vibrational Medicine is the most advanced form of "healthcare" I believe we have. Not dependent on the practitioner to administered properly, biofeedback therapy is used as a "tune Up"! Although much like acupuncture, Reiki, and other energy work, biofeedback therapies consist of vibrational resonance - frequencies generated that are YOU specific. Learn more HERE

Blog Entry 2/5/22

Foods can be powerful medicine when properly prepared and administered and, our diet is typically not sufficient at providing all the nutrients we need. This is the unfortunate reality of living the industrialized life we live. Supplements, by definition, are to supplement the diet. They never take the place of food, but they should be whole-food concentrates. Not “derived from” or “food-based” but in all actuality food. To illustrate this more, read about Vitamin C.

Nutritional supplements can be used therapeutically and the purpose in working with me is to in fact correct the biochemistry and change the trajectory of disorder. Supplements are also simply to provide all the nutrients. 

For start, download the one-page resource guide with links about a healthy diet and reach out if you have any questions! Secondly, complete the Symptom Survey and book a time to review your Report of Findings. 

Blog Entry 2/1/22

At the core of wellness is sustainability. The foundation to sustainable health is always about balance, whether it be gut flora being in check or maintaining emotional balance. In this post from the recent past, I touch on a few very important considerations in these times. Click to read on. 

This may be the year for you to plug into a new program. View my HealthEnews to take a look at a special offering including a 12-week Reboot with Coach Jodi Parsons-Cresina and insights from Deane Eakin on the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

Our First Blog Entry 1/31/22

I am reviewing my old website of blog posts from 2016 and thought this was worthy of recycling! Vitamin B's get a load of attention but are you aware that it takes an army of cofactors to make synthetic vitamins active? Deficiencies in key nutritional elements are an increasingly problematic epidemic today. This is the reason I offer FREE zinc deficiency testing! I always say “if you are deficient in zinc, you are deficient in everything!”. This is so because zinc plays a big role in the production of enzymes within the body. Read on...

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