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Where are YOU?

If you are taking pharmaceuticals or considering surgery as a medical intervention, I ask you to take a look at all the steps below on the triangle that come before. 

Have you been supporting your body's ability to heal? 

Where are you in this triangle?

I will work with you wherever you are; and guess what - where you are right now is where you are meant to be! Learn to work with the flow and not against it!

The Hierarchy in Achieving True and Lasting Health

1. Incorporate spirituality in your daily life, mindset and living

2. Develop a healthy self-image and positive mental images, thoughts and attitudes

3. Work to establish healthy relationships that hold you accountable to your standards

4. Be physically active on a regular basis

5. Choose health-promoting whole foods. Simply eat to support your body.

The above list is your healthy lifestyle focus in successive order. If thoughts follow what perpetuate in the physical realm, then we must first address the mental and emotional interplay. Stress reduction, focused awareness and visualization techniques can be a tool in healing.

InSync or Immersion sessions are designed to support the energetic body with biofeedback therapies that work to "tune" and ground you into a state of health energetically. This works to stimulate the physical body providing it the resonance it can align with. 


Balancing and integrating our mind, body and spirit is the work of the group healing 5 week course called the Immersion group.

What we do:

~Discuss the stress response and how to calm it - instantaneously!

~Learn tools and techniques to immerse ourselves in light and be less effected by negativity.

~Free up space for the creation of the life you are meant for!


What is Immersion? Learn about it HERE


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