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Dramatic Improvements

Updated: Jan 14

Many alternative treatments promoted at wellness centers world-wide offer spendy solutions for health recovery alongside Live Blood Analysis (via dark field microscopy).

Alternately, microcurrent therapy (biofeedback or Rife technology) provided consistent and immediate results:

It is no wonder, when it comes down to it, we are primarily water and energy!

What you see in the picture on the left is clumping of the red blood cells among a very acidic terrain (environment) and clotting. Just minutes later, after frequencies that balance the body's pH, the cells begin to separate, and the clotting factors dissipate dramatically, as shown on the right.

Avoid costly treatment and explore ways to create balance on a cellular level. Talk with us about the options! You can have an affordable at-home option to create cellular health that results in tissue health and thus organ and glandular health.

It has been said that we are the age of the health of our glands. Glands produce hormones so, this makes sense!

Did you know that the spleen is the greatest source of the metabolic enzyme superoxide dismutase(SOD)? That's right, supplementing with spleen, as did primitive cultures all around the world, gives you a powerhouse enzyme that spares damage to the tissues. SOD is crucial to the redox potential of the cells. Redox potential is the oxidation/reduction balance the body must maintain to ward off inflammation.

The liver contains one of the best sources of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and the other components that are precursors to glutathione. Glutathione is deemed the Master Antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. However, the body is made to balance everything and so, the question should be - not "how much antioxidants do I take", but "how can I support my body's ability to do what it does best?"

Inflammation creates degeneration, ageing, pain and disease. The more we can do to balance this delicate homeostatic equilibrium, the better. Taking supplements or extreme measures such as some IV treatments, may not be the balance you seek, or need.

How do you know what you need? There are ways to find out, and I look forward to talking with you about this. I specialize in verifying progress and have ways to measure results in these ways:

  1. Oxidation (inflammation)

  2. Cellular membrane health via Live Blood Analysis

  3. The internal Terrain via Live Blood Analysis and Biofeedback technology, testing the electromagnetic field.

  4. Mitochondrial function advanced labs and biofeedback

  5. Nutrition with various methods

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2 comentários

15 de jan.

Is this an in-house test or a send-off? Can you do the blood test in your office?

Dr. Heather
Dr. Heather
16 de jan.
Respondendo a

Thank you for the question! This is one of many in-house tests performed here in the clinic. You are able to see what I can see of your blood sample. A projection is made from a camera on top of the microscope to a a large screen for your veiwing. It is great to review this together along with any questions you may have about your health.

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